Installing Ubuntu on a RPi

  1. Write Ubuntu to an SD card and boot..Rpi pic
    If you google Ubuntu Rpi you will be taken to the Snappy version of Ubuntu for IoT. This isn’t the one I want, as it doesn’t use the normal Ubuntu method for getting software (apt-get). I used version 14.04 (Supported through early 2019) linked here. Writing the image to SD is explained here.
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DNScrypt with Ubuntu 14.04 on RPi 2

Got this working on a Raspberry Pi 2 by using several sets of instructions… All commands are done on the command line in a terminal instance.

  1. These instructions got the actual software onto my machine. Since there is no build for ubuntu, the code must be compiled on the local machine – starting with the dependent encryption suite ‘libsodium’ first .
    • From the linked instructions “I also recommend installing the build-essential packages in case you’re missing compilers.”
      apt-get install build-essential
    • Download the libsodium to a useable directory, I used /media/libsodium which I created first using
      sudo mkdir /media/libsodium
      cd /media/libsodium

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Installing an FTP server on RPi 2 running ubuntu

My RPi 2 is running Ubuntu-trusty from here, and I needed to add an FTP server. The FTP server will host a folder on a ntfs USB drive. Initially I tried vsftpd, but the vsftpd FTP server sucks and I ended up using a different FTP, proftpd. What I did was loosely based around these instructions.

  1. install proftpd from a terminal window:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install proftpd

    (when a window popped up, I (eventually) I installed as a service since the other option requires more stuff I haven’t installed)

  2. Modify config file using nano text editor:
    sudo nano /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

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Raspberry PI 2 as a NAS device with torrenting

Update: Installing Ubuntu 14.04 is here (Supported through early 2019).


Use a Raspberry PI as a NAS Seed Box (Network Attached Storage running torrent software). RPi 2 is perfect for this due to running at very low electrical low power and being faster than a Fast Ethernet bottleneck. I initially bought a RPi version 1B which I returned as it couldn’t send files over a wired LAN at 10MB per second (basically the bottleneck for Fast Ethernet (100mbps)). Also I can use a thin client for torrenting on my PC with Deluge rather than just a webUI.


  • RPi version 2B running Ubuntu (yay linux).
  • USB Drive formatted in NTFS.
  • Install Samba (windows file sharing).
  • Install Deluge torrent software with a web interface (deluge also supports a remote thin client 🙂 ).


Using a HDMI monitor and keyboard:

  1. Install Ubuntu.
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