Installing Win 7 Fresh (in 2017)

  1. Obtain win 7 installation files.
    This site is a mirror for all the win 7 ISOs (in several languages), includes links to MSDN file hashes (after downloading, I used HashTools to compare hashes). Also there is a tricky possible solution here.
  2. Format a USB as a installation disk using Rufus.
  3. Install OS, install critical drivers from hardware vendor website, use these instructions to bring computer up to date.
  4. Install Chrome, firefox, VLC, Microsoft Security Essentials, f.lux

running scripts on Ubuntu 101

These instructions show a simple script that returns “Hello world”.

I moved my script to /usr/local/bin/ (as recommended here) so it can run without the full path.. pretty cool.


I can create aliases:

alias l='ls -l'

as well as functions:

today() {
    echo -n "Today's date is: "
    date +"%A, %B %-d, %Y"

I added a bin directory to my home directory, and added it to .bashrc to allow execution from there:

export PATH=$PATH:directory